I’m a passionate designer with experience working at a renowned London information design agency, immediately after graduating from the typography and graphic communication department at the University of Reading. Through my athletic experiences and design career, I've learned the importance of representation and inclusion for creating enduring solutions. For me, I believe design must be useful, surprising and valuable. My hobbies include powerlifting, illustration and badminton!
During my time at university, I got involved in my local community through a range of activities that have all helped me grow as a person. This includes; working part time as a bartender, competing in powerlifting events, doing freelance design work for clients, being part of the committee for the universities badminton team and organising events to promote diversity and inclusion within my department!
I enjoy working with people and believe in the benefits of working as a team. Through my studies and client work, I have come to believe that representation and inclusion are vital in creating successful design work. Enduring design solutions can come through respecting our team members.
Going forwards, I am interested in working in social media, editorial design and illustration to create pieces of design that surprise audiences!!
References available upon request!
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